Bye, bye, Brady

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything NFL related, and this kind of content flows out of my brain much better in English, so… yeah.

Anyway, after some TWENTY years of the reign of terror, it’s over. Tom Brady (fuck him) is finally gone from New England (fuck the Pats). Some thoughts on the matter:

  • If he wanted more money, he’s not getting much. I mean, sure, 30 million per year (actually 25 with 4.5 extra through incentives that may or may not be reached) is life changing money for you and me. But he was getting almost as much in NE. So it’s not about money. But fuck him anyway.
  • Yeah, this probably was about respect. Oh, because the daily genuflects from basically everyone within 500km from your house isn’t fucking enough? Fuck. Him.
  • Yeah, the Pats are probably rebuilding to an extent. Fuck them. And fuck the Dolphins, too, for bringing so many of them onboard. I still hate the fact that Brian fucking Flores is our coach, even more because he seems semi-competent, unlike the parade of buffoons that precede him. The last decent HC we had before him was Nick Saban (and really, truly FUCK Saban), and before that, we have to go to the JJ era. Which… yeah. Fuck JJ. So I’m not too happy this Flores (Belichick protege through and through) dude seems to be the answer for the foreseeable future. And he keeps bringing ex-Pats. Fucking Kyle van fucking Noy is the latest. I don’t care how good he is. I don’t give a fuck if he’s going to hulk out here. I really don’t. Fuck him. Fuck New England. And fuck Flores. Oh, yeah, Pats rebuilding. Fuck the Pats.
  • People are very quick to dismiss the Pats after the Brady news. Don’t discount these fuckers. Atlanta did the same thing in the ’16 Superbowl (and I remember my friends saying I was crazy for wanting the Falcons to really put the dagger in, before that whole debacle happened). Don’t. Discount. These. Fuckers. That Belichick soul selling deal probably has a few more years on it, still.
  • So as a dude with a front side seat to the entire career of Tom Brady, what can I say? Dude won a lot. Fuck him. He has more money than I can possibly earn in my entire life. Fuck. Him. His wife… actually I don’t find her hot, who cares. Avocado lover, hey, who isn’t? He peddles some miracle water thing I guess? No worse than a televangelist, and DEFINITELY not worse than being a fucking Patriot. Rumors about him can get crazy though, and this is coming from a guy with nothing but pure, concentrated hate for him. Yeah, he kisses his kids. That doesn’t make him a pedo. Playing for the fucking New England Patriots? Yeah, that makes him a pedo. But yeah, his whole career thing. He’s going to be labeled the GOAT by everyone but me. I fucking hate him. He’s barely top 10 in my book. Great drive, definitely. Talent? Eh. Honestly, uniform aside, I can’t respect a dude that has made crumbling down in front of pressure (figuratively and literally) his signature move. But yeah, lot of winning, lot of championship. FUCK YOU.
  • Tampa ain’t winning shit.
  • People are STILL thinking this dude is playing until 50. I don’t see it but hey, if he does, then maybe I’ll hate him a little less. Just a little.
  • Fuck you Tom. Get eaten by a croc.

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